missjade29 (missjade29) wrote in ukgothmusicians,

Just what I've been looking for...

Well I thought I'd make a second post...

I am a young Classically and Jazz trained musician into the Gothic scene. I play Violin (although am pretty rusty these days) and sing with a deep Jazzy voice. I also own a microkorg which I have fun messing about with mostly. I'd love to form some kind of gothic group having been mainly in metal bands and having found they don't really meet my needs. I'm based in Brighton (well... Hove actually!).

My influences are many... Souxie Souix, The Cruxshadows, The Dresden Dolls, Muse, Curve, Emilie Autumn, The Birthday Massacre etc etc. I'm particullaly interested in doing something in the Curve/Emilie Autumn/Birthday Massacre vein of things. Some Demos that I did with a previous, non-metal band that fell appart and some jazz demos are available to listen to on my Music Myspace.

Please comment if interested!
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