lighttmaker (lighttmaker) wrote in ukgothmusicians,

Looking for a band...

Hey hey, i'm flick. I'm 18, and a guitarist. Based in Glasgow, me and my mate Mike (Vocals) are trying to set up an Industrial/Death Metal band. We've both had band experience, and have a wide range if influences, including Rammstein, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Deadstar Assembly and Static - X.
We're looking for a drummer, bassist, second guitarist and maybe a keyboard player. Mike's 19, preferably people of the same age, however 20's is no big deal. We're serious, and plan to writing an album as soon as possible, with a good flow of gigs when we are ready. I'm at Uni and Mike's working, so tours wont be happening, but we'd like to try and have around a gig a week when we are ready. Stage shows mean a lot to us, so we want fun, vibrant people with their own style!
If you're interested comment and add me!
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