Joel H (commieglamboy) wrote in ukgothmusicians,
Joel H

Gigs and Clubs (or lack of)

Hello all. First post in this spiffing new community - i'm Joel, of Leeds and Action Directe, influences Killing Joke, Clash, NMA, PWEI and various other types including a few you might be surprised at.

Just wanted to ask for any thoughts on the lack of any goth/industrial gig circuit in the UK at the moment. We appear to be in a situation where a lot of the better venues of 15 years ago have shut down, and a lot of clubs have stopped doing live gigs as part of their nights and there are very very few dedicated promoters who specify in the scene (and even fewer who aren't Frank Flag). 

So what i'm interested in is which venues and promoters regularly book industrial/goth acts, so maybe we could compile a list of them all for future reference? (I have a few but i'll see what the uptake is first!)

Also any nightmare tales or scare stories, for a laugh! My personal scariest gig was a Friday night at the Greyhound in Pontefract, face-to-face with chavs and bikers and being threatened with a glassing. Still went down OK, though...
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